WHY O. LIAMETS Printing???





There are many Sign Shops across the country that say they specialize in servicing the REAL ESTATE MARKET and REALTORS. When you take a close look at then and their websites you see that they pretty much are the same. They produce a Generic type of sign. They use TEMPLATES and the REALTOR adds their name, telephone number, Office Name and maybe their website or email address, and off it goes.

This is what is known as the “COOKIE CUTTER System”. Or they use the APPROVED Company Template and just add the Agents name and information and again, all of the signs look exactly the same.

As a Professional REALTOR, you pride yourself in standing out from the rest in your industry.    You want your clients to see you and think of you as SPECIAL.   You work hard at projecting that image to your prospects and your clients and you also want your Real Estate Signs to project that same Uniqueness.     So why then would you want to have a Generic sign produces, which does not convey your Uniqueness and Professionalism?


O. LIAMETS  has taken a completely different approach to Serving REALTORS.  We look at REALTORS as the Professionals that you are and want to help you stand out from the crowd by creating Unique Real Estate Signs which are not the typical Generic, Cookie Cutter signs.  We want our clients to establish their own BRAND and we will work with them to compliment their BRAND by producing signs that display their Unique Professionalism.

Our staff will work with the REALTOR to come up with exactly what the image the REALTOR wants to portray.  We will work with you through the concept and development, until you have exactly what you want and then we go to press, producing the signs you will be proud of.

Yes, there are a number of National Real Estate Companies that have specific guidelines and requirements as to how their Office Signs are to look and for those companies, we do make signs that meet their requirements. However, when a seasoned agent wants a Special Look, we go out of our way to give the agent what they want.

Don’t settle for those “COOKIE CUTTER GENERIC” signs, that look like everyone else. Let O. LIAMETS  work with you to create a sign that portrays you as the Professional REALTOR that you are. A sign that your prospects and clients will take notice of.