Working with REALTORS and providing signs and services to agents and offices across the country, we understand the various needs related to the various regions.  We understand that temperature and weather conditions demand that certain materials be used for the making of your Real Estate Signs. We will always provide you, the Professional REALTOR  with the best and highest quality materials.

Some of our competition advertise “CHEAP” signs and so they only use 4mm Corrugated Plastic.  Others offer signs made of Polystyrene.  If you have ever ordered Polystyrene, you will remember that over time, about one year, the white plastic begins to turn yellowish, due to the sun and also becomes brittle, cracking and breaking.  Others sign makers will use a wood, press board, like DURON, but with fancy names, primed and painted as a Low Cost alternative. However, when the paint scratches off or wears off and moisture  gets to it, they begin to swell like a sponge.

Depending upon your region and the varying temperatures, we will suggest and offer the right material for your situation, Guaranteed!