SIGN MATERIALS:    What & Why?

AlumaBond:  Is a composite consisting of a high grade polymer sandwiched between two aluminum sheets, producing a very strong and yet light weight sign material.  Because of the polymer used, it is able to withstand extremely high temperatures, exceeding 125 degrees.

Poly Styrene: is a lightweight plastic often used in the manufacture of many products we use in our daily lives. When extruded as flat sheets, it has a smooth surface and can be used for various signs. It is not very biodegradable and is also difficult to recycle. PS generally has no UV inhibitors, and has a tendency to become brittle and change colors when allowed to stand in direct exposure to the sun for long durations of time.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC): is a lightweight polymer plastic with high structural strength and superior workability. Perfect for signage and display applications. Readily accepts screen printing, painting and photo mounting. PVC foam sign boards are made of white, flame-retardant PVC foam. The PVC foam is just soft enough for you to punch through it with a nail, screw, staple or wire. PVC foam boards have a minimal application of UV inhibitors for protection from the suns rays.

Polypropylene (Corrugated Plastic): A tough plastic, light in weight and noted for its durability and resistance to chemicals. Polypropylene is resistant to the weather and elements. It has more UV inhibitors than any other plastic and does not shift or change colors when exposed to long durations in the sun. It is tough; flexible is often used for exterior signs.